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In the United States, businesses spend more than
$120 billion a year on printed forms,
most of which are outdated in just three months.
Electronic document management is a simple alternative
to paper filing systems.

Every business, no matter how small, needs a way to manage their records.
Paper filing systems take up large amounts of space,
are difficult to search through, and can become expensive to upkeep.
By switching to an electronic document management system,
you can save time, money, and hassle.

MacroFile, our electronic document management system,
turns your paper records into researchable PDF files.
All you have to do is scan the document;
your documents are safely stored and
can be accessed from any secure server.

The Client Experience
"I cannot say enough about how helpful and efficient the support is, because, as we all know with implementing any new system, there will always be those times when things do not always go the way you expect them to. Always there to assist, no matter what problem may arise."
-Mary Byrnes, Office Manager, Bill MacDonald Ford
"The MacroFile system is extremely user friendly. Training was done within a matter of minutes for our users."
-Kim Snook, Service Manager, Stocker Chevrolet/Subaru
"It is making our lives much easier!"
-Ellen Corbett, Minooka Subaru
"Macrosmith has proved to be a very valuable resource for our online data storage needs. Their tech support team rates five stars !!"
-Ed Green, Technology Support Manager, Roush Honda
"The system is working great for us, and our warranty processing company loves it as well."
-Sandi Fowler, Controller, Thomas Chevrolet

Why Macrosmith?
More Productive Work Environment
A typical employee spends about 40% of his time looking for information locked in filing cabinets. With an electronic document management system, your employees will be able to retrieve documents in seconds using quick web-like searches. No time wasted searching through piles of paper in random file cabinets around your facility.
Comply with Federal Laws
Did you know that fines for record-keeping infractions can cost tens of thousands of dollars? Having all of your documents in one easily accessible place can be very beneficial when it comes to government audits and compliance with federal laws.
Securely Backup Documents
More than 70% of today`s businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood. Because your documents are stored online and backed up on our servers, you will never have to worry about losing them due to flood or fire. You also have the ability to restrict access based on login information and IP address. This ensures that data is not shared with anyone who does not have permission.
Better Customer Service
Large organizations lose a document every 12 seconds. Without the hassle of searching through stacks of paper, information will be easier to find. This allows customer service response times to be much faster.
Cost Effective
It costs valuable money to pay for storage space and materials. Each four-drawer file cabinet holds an average of 11,000 documents, takes up 9 square feet of floor space and costs $1,500 per year. Maintaining those paper files can become very expensive as companies grow. None of this will be a problem with our fixed cost per month, no matter how much you scan.
Not only is electronic document management great for your business, it is also great for the environment. By going paperless, your company can reduce its waste!
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